Blog 42

Let's say goodbye to the starving artist.

3 minute read.  Edited April 22, 2020.

An economy constantly needing its cracks filled is not an economy.  Economies are meant to live and die.  Ours is overdue for change.

Art, on the other hand, is born to live.  Allow us to introduce Media Colony.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay.

If there was ever an era for artistic expression, it’s now.  You just need to pick your scale.

We’ve talked a lot about how there’s opportunity in how rapidly the world is changing right now.  One of those opportunities is discovering new methods of economic survival.

Art is life.  But our economy calls it a luxury:  a luxury to consume, and for those lucky enough to figure out how, a luxury to work in.  And we don’t mean your typical artistic professions, like musicians, writers, actors, photographers, graphic designers, filmmakers, chefs… this could be a very long list.  We mean anybody who finds passion in their work; anyone who practices their “art” in exchange for a livelihood.  Accountants can be artists if that is what is in their heart.  We certainly feel like artists as software developers.

Some people's art is helping others.

Yet many people feel trapped in jobs they hate because that’s the economic opening they could find when they needed it.  Others work in community services others depend on, but not deemed essential enough by governments for urgent relief funding.

So what is Media Colony?

In its most enterprising sense, Media Colony is a scaling medium for community economic exchange.  It’s also an entrepreneurial incubator; a means for people to fund, deliver or sell whatever they call their art — even if that art is part of a regulated industry or social service.  

You could also call Media Colony a secure online conference centre, virtual workshop studio, livestream appointment system, structured learning portal, internet storefront, and media license-sharing community.  Basically a self-contained, full-service, mini-internet.

In its simplest sense, Media Colony is a person-scale media sharing framework for an online world that has gotten too big.  The internet is a complex and competitive ocean — it is difficult to keep our private digital assets safe and try to share them at the same time.  Media creators see popular platforms like Facebook and YouTube as useful advertising mediums at best, competitors at worst.  And regulated industries can’t leverage either platform for business-grade asset management or livestream video communications.   

The Colony aspect of things comes in as a way for communities to contribute to a contained economy.  The platform enables members to share portions of proceeds from any sales of their own assets with a chosen group (or groups) of people who are accountable to each other.  It’s kind of like mini-corporation:  colonies can raise money for a charity or community service, start a club, grow a business, or purchase a limited license from HBO to watch Westworld.  

It’s community economic empowerment to the core.

The economy that everyone is so worried about right now is supposed to be about the livelihoods of people.  Truth be told, massive sections of this global-scaled behemoth could not feel more disconnected from that core purpose.  Rampant construction and consumerism are not about people.  They’re about the wallets of kings.

Media Colony is about building people-sized economies for people-sized goals and people-sized hearts.  Customizable, full-service web portals make internet entrepreneurship accessible to those who want to work in their own creations rather than as a cog in someone else’s marketing wheel.  Media Colony is ready and waiting for anyone to transform their art into an economy of their own. 

Sell your art, not your soul.  Create, teach, collaborate.  Build new intellects of empowerment — new levels of freedom to expression.  Now is the time to remake our economy.  

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